A Christmas Wish

Karen and I are hoping your Holiday season is going great!

Over the last few days, I read a letter from a friend of mine that I found very encouraging when it comes to building a great marriage. My friend is a really special Christian leader in my book and the head of a large global organization.

I receive a personal newsletter from John Dawson, the International President of Youth with a Mission (Y.W.A.M) which is a Christian missionary organization mobilizing young people to serve primarily in the third world nations. In his December letter, he mentions what he thinks is the "biggest" of all human problems. His conclusion was striking, coming from a man who has spent most of his life on the mission field in some places you and I probably didn’t know existed.

Considering all that this 56-year-old influential leader has experienced in his world travels, his answer to what is the "greatest"
human problem was certainly based on what he had seen on a global scale. One might conclude his answer had to do with some of the enormous struggles facing planet earth: world hunger, disease, global warming, poverty, and if not any of those, certainly the epidemic of AIDS.

No, none of the above. John’s answer to the biggest human problem was surprising… the epidemic of broken relationships!

According to John, from every sphere of life to every place that life is lived there is brokenness and strain in relationships.  There is division between friends, co-workers, churches, families, and in marriages.
What is his solution to the biggest human problem? Fall on your knees and allow God’s loving power to flow down and heal you and every broken relationship in your life.

This is our Christmas wish for you. In every place of your life where there is the pain of broken relationships, especially in your family and marriage, there would be healing.

Merry Christmas!

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